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Simple Welsh Phrases For Home

Uploaded by Llandaff City on 2022-10-27.


Welsh is taught as a class lesson throughout the School and on a daily basis through the 'Helpwr Heddiw' sessions. Pupils are often given instructions in Welsh and are encouraged to use Welsh independently in their everyday work and play. This is encouraged by the school's use of Helpwr Heddiw, where children, from Reception onwards, become "teacher" and support their peers in their use of Welsh throughout each day. They learn Welsh songs, prayers, games and about Welsh heritage. Pupils in Key Stage 2 are also assessed on their acquisition of skills in communicating in Welsh. All teaching staff are able to teach Welsh as a second language to the required level.

Year 5 take part in a residential visit to the Urdd centre at Llangrannog, where they are immersed in the Welsh language while also having the opportunity to take part in adventure activities.


The whole School takes part in our Annual Eisteddfod and school visits regularly develop pupils' awareness of the richness of Welsh in our communities.

Cymraeg Campus

For information on the Cymraeg Campus (Welsh Language Charter) please visit


Criw Cymraeg

Here at Llandaff City we are very proud to have our very own Criw Cymraeg.  

As Criw Cymraeg, we aim to… 

  • Promote a Welsh ethos in school by encouraging learners to speak Welsh. 

  • Deliver Brawddeg Yr Wythnos on a weekly basis to the school during King’s Table Assembly.  

  • Gather evidence to achieve our school targets. 

  • Teach Welsh games on the yard to our peers and teachers.  


Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards: 

To ensure that all efforts are rewarded, the Charter is based on the principle that every school follows which includes challenging but attainable targets in connection with promoting the use of the Welsh language. The specific targets included in the Language Charter can be found in the poster below. As a school, we are currently on target to reach the Bronze award by the end of the academic year 2021.