Llandaff City C.I.W. Primary School

A Christian Community: Teaching, Learning, Caring

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Mission and Aims

A Christian Community: Teaching, Learning, Caring


Guided by Christian values, we nurture the social, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of the children of Llandaff City. Built onto strong foundations we provide an inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum which encourages creativity and innovation, responding to the needs and interests of pupils as children of Llandaff, Wales and the wider world. We recognise that where teachers, support staff, governors, parents and outside agencies all work closely together, we can ensure that the children all achieve their very best and make best use of the Teaching, Learning and Caring we unitedly provide.


We aim:

  • To create a happy, safe and secure school environment based on Christian principles within the tenets of the Church in Wales, where staff and children work and care for each other, living out the teachings of the Gospel. E.g. St Matthew's: "Always treat others as you would like them to treat you" (Ch. 7, v12)
  • To ensure a child’s social, emotional, spiritual and educational needs are met through an inclusive, nurturing approach to Teaching, Learning and Caring.
  • To provide a stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environment and curriculum which is relevant and engaging, whilst also supporting and challenging the children to make appropriate progress.
  • To help children develop lively and enquiring minds, with positive attitudes to learning and to those around them.
  • To encourage children to take pride in themselves, their school, their local Parish – Llandaff Cathedral, and their wider community of which there are a Global citizen.
  • To prioritise the effective training and development of all teaching, support staff and governors, in order to ensure that we provide high quality leadership, teaching and learning.
  • To effectively support and develop our partnerships with parents, carers, students, schools across Wales and the world, outside agencies and volunteers, who all work with Llandaff City in order to benefit the children as well as the local and international community.








At Llandaff City we are a telling school that will not tolerate discrimination or abuse and action will be taken where this occurs.