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Religions, Values & Ethics

Religion, Values & Ethics 

As a Voluntary Aided Church School the teaching of Religions, Values and Ethics (RVE; formerly known as RE) is a vital part of our curriculum and it is, therefore, given a higher priority than in state primary schools. We aim to address spiritual, moral and cultural issues during the teaching of RVE and we use resources recommended by the Church in Wales to help us achieve this. As a result, RVE is an integral component of our curriculum.

RVE has a very important part to play in helping children understand the position of others whose background and way of life is different from their own. Our RVE curriculum reflects this. 


Collective Worship

Our daily act of collective worship is at the centre of school life, is distinctive of the Church in Wales and it is regularly conducted by members of the clergy. The decision made by parents to seek the admission of their children to the School is taken as evidence of a desire to encourage their growth and development in the life and worship of the Church.

Parents who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their children from collective worship are encouraged to discuss this with the Head.


Llandaff Cathedral - our spiritual home

Our school plays an active role in the Parish of Llandaff, and we are blessed to have Llandaff Cathedral as our parish church. 

There are many services held in Llandaff Cathedral throughout the year where parents and members of the local community are invited join us in our worship. Throughout the year we meet to celebrate many Christian festivals such as Harvest, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Mothering Sunday, Easter, and Pentecost. The School also has close links with the very popular Sunday school, many of whose 100 children come from our School.

Our children can expect to worship in the Cathedral once a half term. Older classes will take part in a Eucharist at Harvest and Easter. 

Details about worshipping at the Cathedral can be found here: