Llandaff City C.I.W. Primary School

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Inspection Report

Inspection Report 2014

Inspection Report

The School is inspected regularly by external assessors. The last inspection in 2014 reported:

The school's current performance is excellent because:

  • by the end of key stage 2, most pupils make good progress and more able pupils achieve excellent standards in their reading, writing and mathematics;
  • pupils' attendance rates over the past five years have placed the school consistently in the upper 50% when compared with similar schools;
  • teachers develop high quality learning experiences, which engage nearly all pupils successfully, and they adapt them particularly well to meet the requirements of more able pupils;
  • many teachers provide good levels of challenge for their pupils and extend their learning well by asking searching questions that challenge pupils to think for themselves; and
  • the school has a very positive and supportive ethos that supports pupils' wellbeing exceptionally well.

The school's prospects for improvement are excellent because:

  • the headteacher leads the senior management team extremely effectively and together they provide leadership of high quality;
  • the school has a very clear sense of direction and a culture that strives for improvement;
  • the school has well-established, systematic and effective self-evaluation procedures;
  • the governing body's support and challenge to the school in delivering its improvement plans is exemplary;
  • the school has developed very successful partnerships that improve pupils' social development and community involvement; and
  • the school has a good track record of bringing about improvement.

The Church in Wales Section 50 Inspection reported:

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Llandaff City Church in Wales Primary School as a Church in Wales school are Excellent.

Shared Christian values are central to the life of this excellent school, where every pupil is known. All members of staff, including the ancillary staff, work together as a dedicated and mutually supportive team under the guidance of the head teacher. Parents and carers are unanimous in their praise of the school. The wider community praises the school for the welcoming Christian atmosphere so obvious to all visitors.

Estyn, 2014